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Ramiris is one of the key players in the Hungarian IT market. Both our business practices and financial results are outstanding in this segment.

One of our key aims is to serve our partners from an ever-expanding range of products with the highest possible level of service.


In order to serve its partners with a great level of service and a full range of options, Ramiris has been expanding its product lines and offerings. The hard work of the previous years enabled us to offer a much bigger range of products than the other distributors. Our product portfolio has significantly widened in the last few years, covering all relevant segments in the market. We aim to continuously expand and retain our customers on the long term.

One of the key targets is to provide wholesalers and retailers with similar, beneficial terms. We stress the importance of personal relationships with our partners, which is enabled by our organizational structure and an advanced customer management system. Ramiris aims to be the middleman between manufacturers and reseller partners by not only handling the orders but providing value in both directions.


  • more than 200 employees are helping us to reach new heights
  • we distribute the products of more than 700 manufacturers
  • more than 3300 partners choose us yearly
  • our headquarters span 2,500 sqm, which is complemented by 20,000 sqm warehouse space

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